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16 fabulous fruit punch recipes

Kick off your summer parties with a refreshing, fruity bowl of punch. Here, we have all our best recipes that make the most of the fresh summer fruits currently on offer and of course, all manners of alcohol! So whether you love a classic Pimms punch, rum-based bowls or watermelon wonders, there's sure to be a creation you'll adore. We've even included some alcohol-free cocktails that are perfect for the whole family. Cheers!

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    Lime and mint punch

    Combine zesty lime with rum and the distinct aroma of mint to create this knockout, refreshing punch.

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    Pomegranate punch

    A sophisticated punch that's loaded with flavour and not overly sweet, this pomegranate punch is perfect for a lunch or cocktail party.

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    White summer sangria

    Start your summer party the right (and easy) way with this crowd-pleasing cocktail. Our recipe for white wine sangria is so delicious and takes just five minutes.

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    Pimm's punch

    Pimm's is a gin-based liquor infused with liqueur, fruit juices and spices. We've added fresh fruit, fragrant mint and cooling cucumber to create a refreshing alcoholic punch, perfect for warm Summer evenings.

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    Tea and rum punch

    Fruity and minty, tea and rum punch is a classic lunchtime or afternoon cocktail.

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    Strawberry ice punch

    This is a great alcohol-free drink to offer guests, but you could replace the mineral water and lemonade with champagne if you want to make a punch with punch.

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    Party punch

    This is a cold, fruity and deliciously moreish party punch that, funnily enough, packs a bit of a punch. We used a traminer riesling for this recipe, but you can use any medium-dry white.

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