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Five best induction cookware brands (the internet’s most wanted)

We’ve scoured the depths of the interwebs to find the very best induction cookware brands, so you don’t have to.
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Thinking of making the switch to an induction cooktop? Or perhaps you already have one and your induction cookware needs an update. There are lots of benefits to induction cooking but one of the downsides is that if you don’t have cookware that is compatible, you’re going to need a whole new set. Luckily, we’ve done all the research for you so you just need to pick the right brand for your needs.

What is induction cookware?

Induction cooktops use an electromagnetic field to transfer heat directly to the cookware. This means you can’t use any old cookware, you need induction-friendly cookware with a magnetic base. You may even find that some of your existing cookware is already compatible, you can test this with a fridge magnet. If the magnet sticks strongly to the bottom of the pan, it is induction-friendly. If not, you’ll need our curated list of the best induction cookware brands, below.

2024’s TOP induction cookware

  1. Solidteknics, $129.95, Solidteknics (here’s why)
  2. Scanpan, $96, Amazon (here’s why)
  3. Anolon, $349, Minimax (here’s why)

The best induction cookware brands to shop in Australia in 2024

A set of pans from Solidteknics, featuring two cast iron frypans and one stainless steel frypan
3-piece Workhorse starter pack, $649, from Solidteknics



from $129.95 at Solidteknics

Our favourite thing about this brand is that it is 100% Australian-owned and made, their cookware is manufactured in Sydney. Solidteknics have two ranges to choose from, AUS-ION and nöni, both of which are induction-friendly.

The AUS-ION range is made from pure Australian iron and is ideal for everyday frying needs, including shallow frying, grilling, baking and roasting. These pans come pre-seasoned and ready to use. They are extremely tough and suitable for any heat source, including campfire. They cook like all cast iron cookware but they are half the weight of traditional cast iron.

The nöni range is made from magnetic, non-nickel stainless steel, which is nearly twice as conductive as commonly-used 18-10 stainless steel (which contains 10% nickel). This range is best used for wet or acidic foods such as slow cooking, pasta, rice, sauces, curries, casseroles, soups etc. And because it is stainless steel, the nöni range is dishwasher-safe.

There’s no avoiding the fact that Solidteknics has a higher price point, but they encourage customers to think of their cookware as heirloom pieces and offer a “multi-century warranty”. This means that there is no time limit on their warranty, all genuine claims will be honoured, no matter which century they are returned.

Key features:

  • Australian-made and owned
  • Multi-century warranty
  • Wide range for various uses
  • Tough but attractive design
  • Lighter than traditional cast iron

Available at:

A set of Scanpan pots and pans, some with glass lids
Scanpan Classic Induction 10 piece set, $865, available on Amazon



from $96 at Amazon

Danish brand Scanpan has been a much-loved and trusted brand for decades, and for good reason. Their craftsmanship and attention-to-detail is complemented by technologically advanced manufacturing processes. Every pan produced passes through human hands eight times during its creation, ensuring the highest quality cookware for users.

Although a number of products are induction-friendly, Scanpan’s latest range, Classic Induction, is purpose-built for induction cooking. Made from recycled aluminium (Scanpan was an early adopter of sustainable practices and materials), the range has the latest, exclusive Stratanium non-stick coating.

This range includes an extensive offering of pans, including classic frypans, saucepans, woks, grill pan, saute pan, Dutch oven and more.

The Classic Induction range can handle temperatures up to 250°C, meaning you can take it straight from cooktop to oven. All Scanpan products are also protected by a 10 year warranty.

Key features:

  • Sustainably made
  • 10-year warranty
  • Danish craftsmanship, checked and approved by humans
  • Oven safe to high temperatures

Available at:

Anolon 6 piece induction cookware set
Anolon Endurance+ Induction Cookware 6-piece set, from Minimax



set from $349 (usually $899.95) at Minimax

Anolon pioneered the hard-anodised, non-stick pan in 1986 and has been making durable cookware to professional standards for nearly four decades. They have a large offering of induction suitable cookware, the two main ranges being Advanced+ and Endurance+.

Anolon Advanced+ has an aluminium body that has been covered, inside and out, with three layers of non-toxic, non-stick coating for easy-cleaning. The hard anodisation process makes these pans durable and long lasting.

The Endurance+ range strikes the perfect balance between functional beauty and the durability required for everyday cooking.

Both ranges are oven safe to 200°C, dishwasher safe and metal utensil safe, and for the ultimate in peace of mind, also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Key features:

  • Hard anodisation for extreme durability
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Metal utensil safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Oven safe to 200°C

Available at:

Essteele stainless steel induction frypan
Per Amore Induction 30cm open skillet, $209.95 (usually $299.95), Essteele



from $83.95 at Essteele

Essteele is an Italian cookware brand that is manufactured in Milan, combining the latest innovations with stylish design. All Essteele cookware is induction-suitable, including their best-selling ranges, Per Domani and Per Amore.

Per Domani (‘for tomorrow‘) is built to last longer than ordinary non-stick pans. This range uses unique double induction technology to provide a super flat base and a diamond-hard, metal utensil safe non-stick top layer. These pans are oven safe to 180°C and dishwasher safe.

The Per Amore (‘for love’) range is an elegant stainless steel collection that is designed to provide a lifetime of perfect cooking results. It has an aluminium core seamlessly fused between two layers of stainless steel and a perfectly flat base for even heat distribution in induction cooking. This range is oven safe to 260°C. Both ranges are covered by a lifetime warranty.

Key features:

  • Elegant Italian design
  • Designed to last a lifetime
  • Metal utensil safe
  • Lifetime warranty
  • All cookware induction-suitable

Available at:

Green Pan Induction Cookware set in Smokey Sky Blue
Padova 10 piece induction cookware set, $504 (usually $719.95) available from Green Pan


Green Pan

from $35 at Green Pan

Green Pan is the ultimate eco-friendly, healthy cookware company. Traditional non-stick is plastic-based, so Green Pan developed their own, healthy ceramic non-stick, called Thermolon. Their pans feature a thicker and stronger forged base for additional stability, ensuring consistent results. Most of their products also have a smart design with straight sides, resulting in a 25% larger cooking surface, perfect for family-sized dinners, without increasing the size of the pan.

Much of the Green Pan collection is induction compatible – all their stainless steel products, as well as any collection with the Magneto induction base, which is specially designed for optimised performance on all stovetops.

Available in gorgeous colours like pine green, julep and quartz pink (smokey sky blue is pictured in 10-piece set above), you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a set to match your kitchen colour scheme.

Key features:

  • Leader in eco-friendly, healthy non-stick cookware
  • Thicker and stronger forged base for durability and stability
  • Straight sides for larger cooking space
  • Available in a range of colours

Available at:

What material is best for induction cookware?

The most important thing is that the material used for the base of the induction cookware is ferrous. This means that it contains iron, which is why pure cast iron cookware will always be induction-friendly. Essentially, the base needs to be magnetic so it will react to the electromagnetic field in the cooktop to generate heat.

So, cast iron, steel, some enamelled steel and stainless steel pans with an iron base or core are suitable materials for induction cookware, but glass aluminium and copper generally are not, unless fused with another material. If in doubt, look for the induction-compatible symbol (below) or try the magnet test mentioned above.

Induction symbol
Look for the induction-compatible symbol on cookware

Does induction cookware work on an electric or gas stovetop?

Yes! There may be a few outliers, but for the most part, almost all induction cookware can be used on any heat source (though it’s always a good idea to check the manufacturer’s instructions first). The main difference between induction cookware and ‘regular’ cookware is the ferrous, or magnetic base, as explained above. So even if you don’t have an induction cooktop at this point, you can buy induction cookware and use it safely on whatever cooktop you have at home.

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