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Spooky finger foods for Halloween

When we say finger food, we really mean it! Here, you'll find creepy zombie fingers complete with gnarled nails, bony witch pointers and meringue bones to give people a fright this Halloween. Or, delight the kids with our cute jack o' lantern pizzas and bandaged mummy skewers. Happy spooking!

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    Bandaged mummies

    These festive bandaged mummies are the perfect snacks this Halloween! Quick and easy, so super tasty!

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    Witches fingers and meringue bones

    Perfect for Halloween or a ghost-themed children's party, these sweet tasty biscuits are shaped as long witches fingers and bones to entertain your kids and their guests.

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    Mummy teeth

    Get festive with these Halloween treats! Feed your party guests with these sweet and buttery mummy teeth - simply divine!

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    Creepy eyeball meatballs

    Serve up these gruesome looking meatballs at your next kids' party or on Halloween. You could even accompany them with a side dish of 'intestines' (spaghetti); the kids will love it!

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    Toadstool pizzas

    These super cute toadstool pizzas make the perfect treats this Halloween! A lot of fun to prepare and delicious to devour - these are simply to-die-for!

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    Worm coffin rolls

    These worm coffin rolls are perfect for this Halloween! Simple and delicious - these are perfect for the scariest night of the year!

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    Halloween sausage roll zombie fingers

    Your little ones will love snacking on these eery-looking zombie fingers this Halloween. Complete with a pointing almond 'finger nail' and tomato 'blood' dipping sauce, these fun snacks taste just like the sausage rolls you know and love.

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    Sweet chilli bat dippers

    These delicious sweet chilli bat dippers are perfect for this Halloween! Spooky and delicious, and so easy to make!

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    Mummy skewers

    These delicious and satisfying mummy skewers are the perfect snacks for this Halloween!

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