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12 tasty vegetarian fried rice recipes

Whether you want to use up leftover rice from last night's dinner or are looking to get your serve of daily veggies from one easy dish, these tasty fried rice recipes are the perfect idea. There's everything from a classic vegetarian fried rice with omelette to healthy brown fried rice options. We've even included a cauliflower 'fried rice' for those who are want to mix it up or those who are on the Paleo diet. Enjoy!
vegetarian fried rice recipes
brown fried rice with omelette
Quick & Easy

Brown fried rice with omelette

You could swap the green beans with peas, if you like. Cook the rice a day ahead: spread in a thin layer on a tray to cool, then cover and place in the refrigerator. Note
Quick & Easy

Vegetable and omelette fried rice

You need to start this recipe a day ahead. Cook 1 cup (200g) white long-grain rice to make the required amount of cooked rice. You can add a couple of coarsely chopped bacon rashers to the recipe, if you like. Note

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