Easy desserts using fresh figs

Full of essential vitamins and minerals, figs have long been known for their health benefits. But, these nutritious fruits are as gorgeous as they are good for you and deserve pride of place on your dessert spread. Here, we've gathered 20 of our best recipes that feature figs as the starring ingredient. From beautiful fig-topped cheesecakes to raspberry and fig tarts, these delicious desserts will have you coming back for seconds.
fig and almond tart
fig and almond tart

Almond and scorched fig tart

Sweet, nutty and fruity, this gorgeous almond tart is topped with scorched fresh figs to create a wonderfully indulgent dessert, perfect for weekends or morning tea treats.
frangipane tart with caramelised figs

Frangipane tart with caramelised figs

The frangipane flower and this frangipane tart have absolutely nothing to do with each other, despite the name. Although both look absolutely stunning and will fill your house with the most delightful aroma.
Quick & Easy

Fig galettes

These divine fig galettes make a beautiful dessert with a mug of hot coffee. The combination of buttery pastry and juicy fruit is a match made in heaven.
pavlova with figs and pomegranate

Pavlova with figs and pomegranate

The trick to making a good pavlova is to ensure that the sugar is dissolved, otherwise it will weep. To check, rub a little meringue mixture between your fingers, it should feel smooth, not gritty, otherwise continue whisking. Note
walnut and toffeed fig tart

Walnut and toffeed fig tart

This dessert looks and tastes amazing. The drizzling of toffee finishes it off beautifully; the toffee will begin to dissolve within 10 minutes of drizzling it over the figs, so it is best made immediately before serving.

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