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Breakfast and brunch recipes

Weekends are for sleeping in, lazing around in the sunshine, and enjoying indulgent breakfasts and brunch dishes with loved ones. From sweet pancakes and waffles to baked eggs, omelettes and fritters, we've brought you the best of our recipes that can be enjoyed any time of the morning. We've also added a selection of quick breakfast dishes such as chia puddings, smoothie bowls and porridge that are perfect for weekday meals before work. They're guaranteed to fuel you for the day and taste delicious!

  • 1

    Shakshuka with Turkish bread

    This traditional Middle Eastern breakfast dish is packed full of flavour and fresh ingredients. The combination of baked eggs and a rich tomato, chilli and onion sauce is utterly delicious. Use your Turkish bread to soak up the sauces for a brilliant brunch dish.

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    Berry and coconut chia puddings

    This berry and coconut chia puddings are naturally sweet and packed full of the goodness of chia seeds to keep you fueled for the day. Enjoy a little pot for breakfast, dessert or a mid-morning snack.

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    French toast with raspberry caramel

    This sweet, indulgent breakfast is a great weekend breakfast or brunch. Rich, eggy brioche topped with yoghurt or mascarpone and drizzled with a moreish raspberry caramel. Perfection!

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  • 4

    Weekend banana pancakes

    Light, fluffy and incredibly moorish, these beautiful ricotta and banana pancakes are perfect for a lazy weekend breakfast. Serve alongside our berry ice-cream for a treat isn't as naughty as it feels.

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  • 5

    Acai breakfast bowl

    Acai berries contain very high levels of antioxidants, good-for-you fatty acids along with loads of essential vitamins and minerals - great for cardiovascular health and reducing cancer risk.

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  • 8

    Eggs benedict

    Add a little extra flavour to your poached eggs and ham with creamy and tangy homemade hollandaise sauce.

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  • 10

    Almond and custard waffles

    Looking for an indulgent breakfast for weekends or a perfect sweet brunch option? These almond and custard waffles are delicious and will leave you completely satisfied.

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  • 11

    Boston baked beans

    Hot, heart and the ultimate comfort food, these delicious slow cooked Boston-style baked beans are great enjoyed with a thick slice of toast for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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  • 13

    Strawberry halva mousse

    This gorgeous strawberry halva mousse is naturally sweet and fluffy, combining juicy strawberries and nutty tahini to create a perfect healthy dessert or mid-morning snack.

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  • 14

    Bacon and egg scramble wrap

    Quick and tasty, this breakfast wrap is packed full of flavour and protein, making it the best way to start your day.

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  • 15

    Hazelnut dukkah eggs

    Perfectly soft boiled eggs are divine when rolled in a crunchy, nutty homemade hazelnut dukkah. Serve your eggs with a zesty artichoke side salad and Lebanese bread for a delicious breakfast or lunch.

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  • 16


    These pikelets make a great breakfast, brunch or after school snack. Serve them with jam and cream for extra deliciousness.

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  • 17

    Corn and ricotta fritters

    Crispy and golden, these tasty fritters made with sweet, juicy corn and creamy ricotta are beautiful served topped with smoked salmon and avocado for a relaxed weekend breakfast or brunch.

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  • 18

    Bircher muesli

    Bircher for breakfast is fantastic. It's filling, delicious and easy. Make a big batch of dry ingredients, then prepare single serves the night before for a fast breakfast the next day.

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  • 19

    Banana and maple bread

    Nutty, dense and wonderfully moist, this divine banana and maple bread is beautiful toasted or fresh with a dollop of butter.

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  • 20

    Bacon and egg roll with herb aioli

    Whip up a cafe-worthy gourmet bacon and egg roll this weekend for an indulgent breakfast or lunch. Serve with a dollop our homemade creamy aioli to really wow your tastebuds.

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  • 21

    Crumpets with berry compote

    Freshly made real crumpets are a world away from the store-bought variety. These crumpets with berry compote are a fabulous brunch or afternoon treat.

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  • 23

    Field mushroom bruschetta

    These big, meaty mushrooms topped with fetta make a delicious and protein-packed meal. Serve as a starter for a dinner party, finger food ... or treat yourself to a quick nutritious lunch.

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