24 sweet and creative ways with honey

There is really nothing like the taste of sweet, sticky, oozy honey, whether it's swirled through your favourite cake or dolloped in your mid-morning tea. This collection of desserts shares several creative recipes you may not have tried before. From our honey, saffron and vanilla dumplings, to our honey panna cotta with apricots and thyme, these desserts will delight your tastebuds and show you just how versatile this naturally sweet syrup can be. Let's get baking!
Orange blossom semolina cake with honey spiced yogurt
November 27, 2013

Orange blossom semolina cake with honey spiced yoghurt

Cake suitable to freeze. Note
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RICOTTA CAKES    WITH HONEYandamp;roastedPeaches
March 31, 1975

Ricotta cakes with honey and roasted peaches

To tell if a peach is ripe, look around the stem of the peach, the absence of green skin plus a strong peach aroma indicates ripeness. If the skin is slightly green, it is not ripe. If peach stones are difficult to remove, leave them during roasting, they will come out more easily after cooking. […]
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honey-wine pastries
March 31, 2010

Honey-wine pastries

We used a sauternes-style dessert wine for this recipe. We used a 5cm (2-inch) fluted round cutter. You could also use a 5cm (2-inch) fluted square cutter or a fluted pastry cutter wheel to cut squares from pastry. Note
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