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Australia Day salad recipes

A big, fresh salad is an essential addition to any Australia Day barbecue. And, now is the time to make the most of those seasonal ingredients that everyone loves. Using everything from mango to prawns, these sensational salads are the perfect side to your grilled meats. We even have filling pasta salads and an easy potato salad that goes with everything. So, ensure your Australia Day do is a successful one and get prepping!

australia day salad idea
  • Chicken, prawn and mango salad

    Chicken, prawn and mango salad

    Freshen things up with this delicious and wholesome chicken, prawn and mango salad. Packed full of flavour and crunch, this is sure to become a family favourite!

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  • Lemon and dill chickpea salad

    Lemon and dill chickpea salad

    Light and fresh - this tasty lemon and dill chickpea salad is quick, tasty and perfect for the whole family! Suitable for the 2-Day Fast Diet.

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  • prawn salad

    Mediterranean prawn salad

    With roasted capsicum, sun-dried tomatoes and a light lemon dressing, this Mediterranean prawn salad is the perfect side for Aussie summer entertaining.

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  • Chicken Caesar salad

    Chicken caesar salad

    Fit to enjoy anytime as an accompaniment or stand-alone dish, this fresh and crunchy classic salad oozes flavour and can hit your table in no time.

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  • potato salad

    Quick and easy potato salad

    Potato salads are a timeless staple on Aussie Christmas spreads. Our recipe, with creamy greek-yoghurt and sour cream dressing, can be on the table in less than half an hour. Too easy!

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  • Grilled pork with quinoa and kale salad

    Grilled pork with quinoa and kale salad

    Totally delicious and totally good for you - you simply can't go wrong with this kale and quinoa salad with grilled pork! And it's perfect for diabetics too.

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  • Lamb with heirloom tomato and almond salad

    Lamb with heirloom tomato and almond salad

    Quick, easy and tasty, this pasta salad is the perfect dish to whip up after work with no compromise on taste! This recipe is suitable for diabetics.

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  • Crispy pork and watermelon salad

    Crispy pork and watermelon salad

    This tasty watermelon and roasted pork salad recipe is perfect for a hearty lunch or healthy family dinner. And the best part? It's surprisingly easy to make and great for leftovers, too.

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  • lobster salad

    Char-grilled lobster, mango and hazelnut salad

    Impress your guests this Christmas with our gourmet lobster salad. With fresh summer mangoes and chopped hazelnuts, it's the perfect healthy accompaniment to your main festive dish.

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  • Salmon and quinoa salad

    Salmon and quinoa salad

    Enjoy this deliciously fresh salmon and quinoa salad for lunch or dinner any night of the week.

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  • Pasta salad with tomato and crisp prosciutto

    Pasta salad with tomato and crisp prosciutto

    Really ripe tomatoes and crisp, salty prosciutto make this pasta salad a sensational dish. Store tomatoes at room temperature, rather than in the fridge, which will alter the texture and spoil the flavour. To accelerate ripening, place in a paper bag with a ripe banana.

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  • Perfect potato salad

    Perfect potato salad

    Give this classic European salad a try with this easy recipe and enjoy the fresh pieces of parsley, mint and potato smothered in rich mayonnaise.

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