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Rhubarb and raspberry jam

Give your regular berry jam a distinctive lift with the addition of rhubarb. For best results use only the reddest parts of the rhubarb stems.
rhubarb tarts

Our best rhubarb desserts

Its strong, tart flavour and gorgeous bright hue have turned rhubarb - a vegetable, not a fruit - into a popular addition to a variety of desserts. Using stewed rhubarb to soften that tartness, these delicious desserts, from creamy custards to a classic apple and rhubarb crumble, are the perfect finish to any meal. For something a bit different, snack on our healthy roasted rhubarb and balsamic popsicles or try our rhubarb custard meting moments for a decadent treat.
Sparkles and south cocktail

Sparkles and south cocktail

This gorgeous cocktail recipe is courtesy of Sydney's popular bar, Della Hyde. It combines tequila, ginger and rhubarb to create a wonderfully zesty and fruity beverage to cool you down during a warm Summer evening.