Our best rhubarb desserts

Its strong, tart flavour and gorgeous bright hue have turned rhubarb - a vegetable, not a fruit - into a popular addition to a variety of desserts. Using stewed rhubarb to soften that tartness, these delicious desserts, from creamy custards to a classic apple and rhubarb crumble, are the perfect finish to any meal. For something a bit different, snack on our healthy roasted rhubarb and balsamic popsicles or try our rhubarb custard meting moments for a decadent treat.
rhubarb tarts
January 31, 1975

Rhubarb chia muesli loaf

You will need about 1 ½ bunches of rhubarb for this recipe. While the cake is baking, turn it every 20 minutes for even browning. Subsitutes; chia seeds are one of the highest occurring plant sources for omega-3 and are available from supermarkets. If you prefer, you can omit them from the recipe or use […]
By Women's Weekly Food

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