Father's Day

croque madame

Croque madame

More than just a ham, egg and cheese toastie, the classic croque madame is perfect dish for brunch or supper, with a little bit of France in every bite.
buttermilk pancakes with raspberry butter

Buttermilk pancakes with raspberry butter

Thrill your family and friends this weekend with stacks of these delectable buttermilk pancakes with raspberry butter. The buttermilk adds tenderness and lightness to the batter and results in deliciously soft texture.

Baked eggs with brie

Surprise your brunch guests with baked eggs, delicately flavoured with prosciutto and brie. Serve with steaming hot mugs of coffee or tea, together with lightly toasted sourdough.
smoked salmon and poached egg on rye

Smoked salmon and poached egg on rye

Packed with omega-3, protein and fibre this smoked salmon and poached egg on rye is a delicious and healthy breakfast or brunch. Adding a tablespoon of vinegar to the poaching water will help keep the eggs together.

French toast with berry compote

Surprise your loved ones this weekend with this delicious French toast and berry compote. Sprinkle with a dusting of icing sugar for that finishing touch. A perfect brunch.
spanish omelette with tomato and chorizo

Spanish omelette with chorizo

Now here is a brunch with some power behind it. Packed full of protein, carbs, vitamins and fibre, it will set you up for the entire day. Enjoy with a steaming latte.
praline rocky road ice-cream

Praline rocky road ice-cream

Just a few extra ingredients and about half an hour in the kitchen and you can turn regular chocolate ice-cream into a delicious and very sophisticated dessert.