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Smoked salmon and poached egg on rye

Packed with omega-3, protein and fibre this smoked salmon and poached egg on rye is a delicious and healthy breakfast or brunch. Adding a tablespoon of vinegar to the poaching water will help keep the eggs together.
smoked salmon and poached egg on rye



1.Half fill large shallow frying pan with water; bring to a boil. Break eggs into cup, one at a time, then slide into pan. When all eggs are in pan, allow water to return to a boil.
2.Cover pan, turn off heat; stand about 4 minutes or until a light film sets over egg yolks. Remove eggs, one at a time, using slotted spoon; place spoon on absorbent-paperlined saucer briefly to blot up poaching liquid.
3.Meanwhile, boil, steam or microwave asparagus until just tender; drain.
4.Divide bread among serving plates; top each with salmon, egg then asparagus; sprinkle with chervil.

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