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Poached eggs with rösti and chilli relish

poached eggs with rösti and chilli relish



1.Peel then grate potatoes coarsely into large bowl; stir in salt, squeeze excess moisture from potatoes.
2.Melt half the butter in medium frying pan. Spread potato over pan, flattening with metal spatula. Cook, uncovered, over medium heat until golden and just crisped underneath; slide onto plate. Melt remaining butter in same pan, carefully slide rösti back into pan, uncooked-side down. Cook, uncovered, until browned. Remove from pan; cover to keep warm.
3.Cook tomato, cut-sides down, in same heated frying pan until browned lightly.
4.Meanwhile, half-fill a large shallow frying pan with water; bring to a boil. Break 1 egg into a cup, then slide into pan; repeat with remaining eggs. When all eggs are in pan, allow water to return to a boil. Cover pan, turn off heat; stand about 4 minutes or until a light film of egg white sets over yolks.
5.Remove eggs, one at a time, using slotted spoon; place spoon on absorbent-paper- lined saucer briefly to blot up any liquid.
6.Cut rösti into quarters; divide among serving plates. Top each with an egg, serve with tomato and relish.

Sweet chilli relish is available in most supermarkets and delicatessens, or other any chutney or relish would be suitable.


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