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Poached eggs and mushrooms

Sometimes you need real, proper energy food for breakfast or brunch, the kind of meal that can last a hike or help you recover from last night. Poached eggs and mushrooms on toast is it.
poached eggs and mushrooms



1.Thinly slice mushrooms. Heat oil in medium frying pan; cook mushrooms, stirring, until browned lightly and tender. Season to taste. Cover to keep warm.
2.To poach eggs, half-fill a large wide saucepan with water, add vinegar; bring to the boil. Break 1 egg into a cup. Using a wooden spoon, make a whirlpool in water; slide egg into whirlpool. Repeat with remaining eggs. Allow water to return to the boil. Cover pan, remove from heat; stand about 4 minutes or until a film of egg white sets over the yolks. Using a slotted spoon, remove eggs one at a time from pan; drain on absorbent paper. Trim eggs into a neat shape.
3.Meanwhile, toast bread. Peel and halve garlic. Rub both sides of toast with garlic. Serve toast topped with mushrooms, eggs and rocket; season.

Make sure to always use the freshest eggs when poaching, as the thick egg white clings tightly to the yolk. Old eggs don’t hold their shape because the whites are thin and runny, so they tend to spread out in the water.


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