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Kingfish carpaccio with tangy dressing

Sliced thin and served fresh with herbs and a lime and soy dressing, this seafood dish brings tang to a party appetizer.
Carpaccio of fish with tangy dressingAustralian Women's Weekly


Carpaccio of fish with tangy dressing


Carpaccio of fish with tangy dressing

1.Combine juice, mirin and sauce in a small bowl.
2.Using a very sharp knife, cut the kingfish into paper-thin slices. Arrange the kingfish and salmon on a platter. Sprinkle the fish with the cucumber, avocado and herbs.
3.Drizzle with the dressing: serve with the crispbread.

Suitable to freeze. Oysters and cooked prawns could be used if you are not keen on raw fish. Micro herbs are available from some greengrocers and growers’ markets. You can use finely chopped fresh chives or chervil leaves instead.


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