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Grilled tomato and red capsicum gazpacho

Originally from the Spanish region of Andalusia, gazpacho is a soup made from raw blended vegetables. We've grilled the tomato and capsicum here for a more intense flavour. Serve chilled, with parmesan croutons.
grilled tomato and red capsicum gazpacho



1.Quarter capsicums, discard seeds and membranes. Roast under grill or in very hot oven, skin-side up, until skin blisters and blackens. Cover capsicum in plastic or paper for 5 minutes; peel away skin, chop coarsely.
2.Cook tomato, onion and garlic in heated oiled grill pan until tender. When cool enough to handle, peel garlic.
3.Blend or process capsicum, tomato, onion, garlic, cucumber, vinegar, juice and parsley, in batches, until gazpacho is smooth. Transfer to large bowl, cover; refrigerate about 3 hours or until cold.
4.Meanwhile, make parmesan croutons by combining butter, oil and cheese in small bowl; add bread, turn to coat in mixture. Cook croutons in heated oiled grill pan until browned both sides.
5.Stir the cold water into gazpacho. Serve chilled gazpacho sprinkled with croutons and extra chopped parsley.

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