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German hot potato salad

The heat of this salad brings out the flavour of the onion and herbs. You could add bacon or blue cheese if you like.
german hot potato salad


Sweet dijon mustard


1.Boil, steam or microwave potato until tender, drain.
2.Meanwhile, make sweet dijon dressing. Combine ingredients in a screw-top jar, shake well.
3.Cook bacon in a heated medium frying pan, over medium heat, stirring, 5 minutes or until crisp, drain on paper towel. Cook onion in same pan, stirring, 5 minutes until softened. Add mustard seeds, cook, stirring, 1 minute.
4.Combine potato, bacon, onion mixture, parsley and dressing in a large bowl. Season to taste.

We used red-skinned potatoes in this recipe. Bacon can be fried a few hours ahead, cover, refrigerate.


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