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Crab with fennel salad

Use any kind of crab, available from fish markets, if blue swimmers are not in season. Radicchio is a burgundy-leafed lettuce with white ribs and a slightly bitter flavour.

The Ultimate Low-fat cookbook, ACP Books



Fennel salad


1.Lift flap under body of each crab; turn crab over, hold body with one hand while pulling off top part of shell with the other. Discard shell and gills on either side of body. Rinse crab under cold water; chop body in half.
2.Place lemon grass, ginger and herbs in large baking-paper-lined steamer, over large saucepan of simmering water; top with crab. Cook about 10 minutes or until crab is changed in colour.
3.Make fennel salad. Segment oranges over small bowl; reserve juice. Using mandolin or V-slicer, cut fennel into paper-thin slices. Combine fennel, reserved juice, vinegar and oil in large bowl. Add radicchio, chervil and orange segments; toss gently.
4.Serve crab with fennel salad.

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