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Chinese chicken dumplings

Fun to make and even better to eat.
Chinese chicken dumplingsWoman's Day
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Whip up a batch of these soft, tender homemade Asian chicken dumplings for your family and friends. Enjoy as a tasty starter, dipped in soy sauce.

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1.In a colander, combine carrot, cabbage and salt. Set aside 10 minutes.
2.Drain liquid from vegetables. Transfer to a bowl with all remaining ingredients, except wrappers. Mix well and season with pepper.
3.Cut a sheet of baking paper to line base of a large steamer basket. Fold paper in half 6 times and, using scissors, cut out a few small steam holes. Unfold and line steamer basket with paper.
4.Using your fingertip, moisten edges of each wrapper with a little water. Make a 1cm pleat as a starting point, then make 4 more pleats along one side of wrapper. Place 1 teaspoon filling in centre of each wrapper. Press pleated and plain sides together to seal.
5.Arrange dumplings in single layer in steamer basket. Cover firmly. Place over a wok or saucepan of gently simmering water. Steam 12-15 minutes. Serve straight away with extra soy and shredded green onions.

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