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Chicken sticks with harissa mayonnaise

Harissa is a fiery chilli-based North African condiment.
CHICKEN with STICKS HarissaMayonnaise


Chicken sticks


1.Combine dukkah, paprika and oil in a medium bowl with chicken; season. Thread onto skewers.
2.Heat an oiled grill plate or barbecue to medium high. Cook skewers 8 minutes or until browned all over and cooked through.
3.Make harissa mayonnaise. Combine ingredients in a small bowl.
4.Serve chicken skewers with harissa mayonnaise.

Dukkah is an Egyptian mix of coarsely ground spices and nuts, eaten as a dip with olive oil and bread. Typically, it includes cumin, coriander and sesame seeds with variants on the nuts used. We have used one with pistachios. Harissa is available from delicatessens and Middle Eastern food stores. Substitute 1 seeded finely chopped red bird’s-eye chilli and a pinch each of ground cumin and coriander.


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