Garlic beetroot soup

garlic beetroot soup
2.25 Litre



1.Heat oil in 6-litre (24-cup) pressure cooker; cook leek and garlic, stirring, until leek softens. Add vinegar, beetroot, potato and the water; secure lid. Bring cooker to high pressure. Reduce heat to stabilise pressure; cook 20 minutes. Release pressure using the quick release method (page 8); remove lid. Cool soup mixture 15 minutes.
2.Blend or process soup, in batches, until smooth. Return soup to same cleaned cooker; simmer, uncovered, until hot. Season to taste.
3.Meanwhile, combine cream and cumin in small jug.
4.Serve bowls of soup drizzled with cream; sprinkle with seeds.

If you have an electric pressure cooker you won’t need to reduce the heat to stabilise pressure, your cooker will automatically stabilise itself. Always check with the manufacturer’s instructions before using.