Crispy prawns and noodles

Crispy prawns and noodles



1.Combine ingredients for soy and ginger dipping sauce in small bowl. Refrigerate until required.
2.Shell and devein prawns, leaving tails intact. Break noodles into same lengths as prawns, not including tail; place on board.
3.Whisk flour, egg yolk and the water in small bowl until just combined. Dip prawns into batter; roll prawns, one at a time, over noodles to coat.
4.Wrap a seaweed strip around centre of each noodle-coated prawn, dampen ends with a little water and press to seal.
5.Heat oil in saucepan; deep-fry prawns, in batches, until golden and cooked. Drain on absorbent paper. Serve prawns with dipping sauce.

To prevent prawns curling up too much during cooking, before coating, make three cuts along belly of each prawns. Turn prawns over and press down gently along the length of the body to flatten slightly.