Crab cakes with madras aioli and apple salad

crab cakes with madras aioli and apple salad


Madras aioli
Apple salad


1.Make madras aïoli. Combine ingredients in small bowl. Cover, refrigerate until required.
2.Make apple salad. Cut unpeeled apple into matchsticks. Whisk vinegar, oil and mustard in medium bowl until combined. Add apple, green onion and coriander, toss gently to combine, season to taste.
3.Drain crab meat on absorbent paper. Coarsely grate unpeeled apple, drain on absorbent paper.
4.Combine mayonnaise, sour cream and juice in medium bowl, stir in crab, apple and herbs. Season. Shape mixture into 24 patties, coat patties in breadcrumbs.
5.Heat ghee in large frying pan, cook patties, in batches, until browned lightly both sides. Drain on absorbent paper.
6.Serve crab cakes with aïoli and apple salad.