Cheese ravioli with chilli sauce

cheese ravioli with chilli sauce
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1.Make chilli sauce. Heat oil in small frying pan. cook garlic and chilli, stirring, until fragrant. Add tomato, cook, stirring, 10 minutes.
2.Combine ricotta, goat cheese, parsley and onion in small bowl.
3.Cut two 4.5cm rounds from each wrapper. Place 1 level teaspoon of cheese filling on half the rounds. Brush edges with water, top with one of the remaining rounds, pressing edges together.
4.Cook ravioli, in batches, in large saucepan of boiling water about 3 minutes or until ravioli float to the surface, drain.
5.Place chinese spoons on serving platter. Place 1 ravioli on each spoon, top with sauce then a small flake of parmesan.