Cherry and walnut smoothie

Start the day off with this refreshing and healthy smoothie, filled with sweet cherries, walnuts and black chia seeds.
Cherry and walnut smoothie

Cherry and walnut smoothie




1.Rub walnuts in a clean tea towel to remove most of the skins. Combine walnuts, almonds and the water in a medium bowl; cover, stand overnight.
2.Blend nut mixture for 2 minutes or until as smooth as possible. Drain the mixture through a muslin or tea-towel lined sieve over a medium jug, twist and press the cloth to extract as much nut milk as possible. Discard remaining solids.
3.Blend nut milk, cherries and syrup until smooth. Divide into 1-cup glasses, top with crushed ice, extra walnuts and chia seeds and fresh cherries, if desired. Serve immediately.

You need to start the recipe the day before. For a thicker smoothie, blend the chia seeds with the other smoothie ingredients. You can make other flavoured nut milks using 105g total of your favourite nuts and seeds and 1¾ cups water.


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