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Veal scaloppine

Veal scaloppine
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1.Melt butter in a large frying pan on high. While butter is still foaming, cook veal in batches for 2 minutes each side. Remove from pan and set aside.
2.Reduce heat to medium, add onion to pan and cook for 5 minutes, stirring, until soft. Add mushrooms and cook for 3 minutes.
3.Stir through flour and cook for 1 minute Add stock and bring to boil, stirring. Simmer for 3 minutes.
4.Stir through cream until heated through. Return veal to pan and cook for 1 minute to warm through.

For juicy, tender veal, cook it until still a little pink. Cuts as thin as scaloppine are easy to overcook to the point of becoming rubbery, so cook the meat quickly in a very hot pan so it browns but doesn’t stew. Only return veal to the pan when the sauce has been sufficiently reduced.


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