Quick & Easy

Thai prawn burgers

Love burgers and love seafood? These Thai style prawn burgers are the perfect fusion. And they're suitable for diabetics, too.



1.Combine garlic, coriander root and stems, ginger, kaffir lime leaves and half the chilli in a mortar and pestle, pound until mixture forms a thick paste. Divide paste in half.
2.Combine half of the paste with prawns and potato in a small bowl; using wet hands form mixture into two patties. Cover, refrigerate 2 hours or overnight.
3.Add half the oil and 2 teaspoons of juice to the remaining paste in a small bowl. Cover, refrigerate until required.
4.Heat remaining oil in a small non-stick frying pan over low heat; cook patties for 3 minutes each side or until cooked through. Transfer to a plate; drizzle patties with remaining juice.
5.Place bread rolls, cut-side down, in same pan for 1 minute or until warm.
6.Toss lettuce, onion, sprouts, cucumber, coriander leaves and remaining chilli through reserved paste. Sandwich salad and patties between rolls.

Deseed the chillies if you prefer less heat. You can replace prawns with a 200g firm white fish fillet, such as basa, if you like.


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