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Spicy buttermilk chicken

Add some spice to your dinner.
spicy buttermilk marinade for chicken

Succulent, spicy chicken marylands are teamed with tender asparagus spears for a family dinner that’s bound to please. Recipe from The Australian Women’s Weekly’s Best Ever Recipes cookbook.

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1.Combine buttermilk, chilli flakes, coriander, cumin, oregano and garlic in a large bowl. Add chicken; toss to coat in marinade. Cover; refrigerate for 3 hours or overnight.
2.Heat a barbecue (or grill or grill pan) to medium-high. Cook chicken for 3 minutes each side or until golden. Reduce the heat and cover with the hood. Cook for 35 minutes or until chicken is cooked through. Remove from heat; season with sea salt and rest.
3.Turn the heat back up to high; cook asparagus, turning, for 5 minutes or until tender. Transfer asparagus to a medium bowl. Add mint, juice and oil; toss to coat. Season to taste.
4.Serve chicken pieces with grilled asparagus.

You will need 2 bunches of asparagus for this recipe. Serving suggestion: Serve with steamed couscous and lemon wedges. Recipe is not suitable to freeze or microwave.


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