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Slow-cooked pickled pork

Perfectly delicious served hot or cold.
Slow-cooked pickled pork
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While we associate tender lamb shanks with comforting recipes to make in our slow cooker, we have to take a moment to champion this gorgeous pickled pork.

Flavourful and tender, this easy pork roast is delicious served hot with mashed potatoes, wilted cabbage and mustard or just as good when served cold, shredded with a potato salad or coleslaw.

We’ve provided both pressure cooker and slow-cooker methods here but you could also cook on your stove-top with some amendments to time and liquid volume. Looking for tips on adapting recipes?

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Tips for cooking the perfect roast

1. Invest in the perfect dish

Buy a heavy, flameproof baking dish, as it will give the best colour and flavour to the pan juices – important for a good gravy. Flameproof means it can go on the stovetop and under the grill as well as in the oven.

2. Seal it before you roast it

Brown small or lean roasts – such as beef eye fillet or lamb rump – all over in a little oil before roasting. As they are in the oven for a short time, it will help the colour and, therefore, the flavour, and seal in the juices.

**3. Use a thermometer

To take the guesswork out of cooking times, use a meat thermometer. Remove the roast from the oven and insert a thermometer into the thickest part. The internal temperature should reach:

Beef and lamb: rare 60°C; medium 65°C to 70°C; well-done 75°C.

Pork: 74°C to 76°C.

Chicken: 75°C.

**4. Small roast? Turn up the heat.

Smaller cuts of meat with less fat should be cooked at a higher temperature. Larger cuts of meat can be cooked at a lower temperature for longer.

Cuts of meat to roast

Pork: Leg roast; rolled loin; loin rack; belly; spare ribs; forequarter roast; scotch fillet/neck roast.

Looking for more information on how to cook a roast?


Pressure cooker


Slow-cooker method


Place pork, vinegar, bay leaves, peppercorns, and sugar in 4.5-litre (18-cup) slow cooker; add enough of the water to barely cover pork. Cook, covered, on low, 8 hours.


Carefully remove pork from cooking liquid; cover, stand 10 minutes before slicing. Discard cooking liquid.

Pressure cooker method


Combine pork, bay leaves, peppercorns, cloves, onion, celery, sugar, vinegar and enough of the water to barely cover pork in 8-litre (32-cup) pressure cooker; secure lid. Bring cooker to high pressure. Reduce heat to stabilise pressure; cook 30 minutes.


Release pressure using the quick release method; remove lid. Cool pork, covered loosely in cooking liquid.


Serve warm or cold.

Cover and refrigerate overnight to make wonderful sandwiches, don’t forget the mustard or a favourite pickle, chutney or relish.

If you have an electric pressure cooker you won’t need to reduce the heat to stabilise pressure, your cooker will automatically stabilise itself. Always check with the manufacturer’s instructions before using.

Pickled pork is a little old-fashioned, it might be necessary to order it from the butcher. The shoulder cut used here is also called a “hand” of pickled pork.


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