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Sesame-crusted chicken with quickled slaw

Fresh and tasty weeknight meal.

Looking to add a little something special to your weeknight dinner? Chicken tenderloins coated in a sesame and panko crumb crust and served with a quick pickled slaw and fresh lime mayonnaise for a tasty weeknight meal.

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'Quickled' slaw
Lime mayonnaise


1.Make ‘quickled’ slaw. Using a vegetable peeler, mandoline or V-slicer, cut cucumber and carrots lengthways into long thin ribbons. Finely shred cabbage. Combine vegetables with remaining ingredients in a large glass or ceramic (non-reactive bowl); stand 15 minutes. Drain.
2.Make lime mayonnaise.Combine ingredients in a small bowl; season to taste.
3.Place flour in a shallow bowl; season. In another shallow bowl, lightly beat eggs. Place breadcrumbs and sesame seeds in a third shallow bowl; toss to combine. Coat chicken tenderloins in flour, dip in egg, allow excess to drip off, then coat in breadcrumb mixture.
4.Heat 1cm (½-inch) oil in a large frying pan over medium heat. Cook chicken, in batches, turning frequently, for 3½ minutes or until golden and cooked through. Remove with a slotted spoon; drain on paper towel.
5.Serve chicken with slaw, mayonnaise and lime halves, sprinkled with micro herbs, if you like.

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