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Roasted tomato soup with broccoli pesto

Roasting tomatoes first adds a depth of flavour to this tasty tomato soup while the broccoli pesto gives it an added freshness.

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Roasted tomato soup
Broccoli pesto


1.Preheat oven to 220°C.
2.Place tomatoes, garlic, thyme and onion in a baking dish; sprinkle with salt flakes, season with freshly ground black pepper. Drizzle with oil; toss to coat tomatoes. Roast for 30 minutes or until tomatoes are very soft and coloured around the edges.
3.Meanwhile, make broccoli pesto. Add broccoli to a small saucepan of boiling water. Bring to the boil; simmer, uncovered, for 2 minutes. Drain; refresh in cold water, drain well. Process broccoli, garlic, pine nuts, parmesan and basil until finely chopped. With motor operating, gradually pour in oil; process until combined. Season to taste.
4.Transfer roasted tomato mixture to a medium saucepan. Squeeze garlic out of skins and add garlic to tomato mixture. Remove thyme stalks. Add stock to pan and bring to the boil; remove from heat. Stand 10 minutes to cool slightly. Blend or process mixture until smooth. Return soup to pan; stir over low heat until hot. Season.
5.Ladle soup into bowls; top with broccoli pesto, pine nuts, basil and extra fresh tomato, if you like.

Use vegetable stock instead of chicken stock, if you prefer.

Soup and broccoli pesto are suitable to freeze, separately, for up to 3 months.


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