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Kaffir lime and rice salad with tofu and cashews

This easy, spicy salad is full of zesty flavour and texture.
kaffir lime and rice salad with tofu and cashews



1.Cook rice in large saucepan of boiling water, uncovered, until tender; drain. Rinse under cold water; drain.
2.Meanwhile, to make lime and palm sugar dressing, place lime rind, juice, sugar and fish sauce in screw-top jar; shake well.
3.Place rice and dressing in large bowl with lime leaves, chilli, ginger, tofu, coriander, carrot, half the onion and ½ cup of the nuts; toss gently to combine.
4.Serve salad sprinkled with remaining onion and nuts.

We used a cryovac-packed ready-to-serve sweet chilli tofu in this recipe; there are various flavours of already marinated tofu pieces that can be found in the refrigerated section of most supermarkets and Asian food stores.


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