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Grilled duck breast (magret)

This is another classic from the southwest of France and the trick is to not overcook the breasts of duck.
Grilled duck breast (magret)



1.Preheat the grill and rub the duck breasts with olive oil, lightly seasoning them with salt and pepper. Cook the underside of the breast first ­for about 15 minutes test with a skewer because some pink juices should still be flowing.
2.Turn the duck and cook for another 5 minutes or more ­the fat will turn brown and crisp and also run down into the breast meat, keeping it moist and tender.
3.Serve with roasted potatoes or frites (potato chips) if you have a deep fryer, and green peas (I use frozen baby peas) or beans tossed in butter.

They should be pink and succulent on the inside. If you can’t find breast meat look for duck legs ­some supermarkets now stock them ­and cook in a similar fashion but for slightly less time. They can also be cooked on the barbecue, fat side up for the first 15 minutes, and fat side down for the 5.


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