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Fish with orange and ginger

We used blue-eye fillets in this recipe, but you can use any firm white fish fillets you like. Serve with fresh lime slices, and accompany with fresh rice noodles stir-fried with grated zucchini and cabbage.
fish with ginger and orange



1.Combine marmalade, kecap manis and ginger in small bowl.
2.Cook fish on heated oiled flat plate until browned both sides. Pour marmalade mixture over fish; cook, spooning sauce over fish, until fish is cooked as desired.

There are a number of fish that qualify as “white fish” including cod, whiting, haddock, hake, bass (silver bass, sea bass and striped bass) and several fish that come under the banner of “bream”. White fish don’t have the omega-3 content of oily fish, but they have lower levels of contaminants like mercury.


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