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Cold seafood platter with herb sauce and salsa

Pop open a bottle of wine and sit back in the sunshine to enjoy your beautiful seafood platter. We've included two delicious sauces in this recipe that will complement your platter wonderfully.
seafood platter


Parsley and rocket sauce
Roasted capsicum and tomato salsa
Seafood platter


Seafood platter

1.Make parsley and rocket sauce. Process nuts, garlic, parsley, rocket and salt until finely chopped. With motor operating, add combined oil and vinegar in thin stream until combined. Stir in water.
2.Next make roasted capsicum and tomato salsa. Combine capsicum, tomatoes, capers, basil, olive oil and vinegar in a small bowl.
3.Hold lobster in one hand firmly, twist head away; discard head. Using kitchen scissors, cut the softer under-shell away, leaving the tail meat whole.
4.Carefully remove meat from the shell and slice thickly. Repeat with remaining lobster.
5.Using a sharp knife, cut one bug tail in half lengthways; remove centre vein from tail. Repeat with remaining bugs.
6.Arrange lobster, bugs, prawns and the oysters on a large platter. Serve seafood with sauce, salsa and lemon wedges, if desired.

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