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Bocconcini salad with semi-dried tomato pesto

Bocconcini is such a versatile cheese, but you'll never try it served in such a delicious way as this!
bocconcini salad with semi-dried tomato pesto



1.Drain tomatoes over small bowl; reserve ½ cup of the oil. Roughly chop half the tomatoes; slice remaining tomatoes into thin strips.
2.Blend chopped tomatoes, parmesan, nuts,chilli and juice until smooth. With motor operating, gradually add reserved oil in a thin, steady stream;blend until smooth. Transfer pesto to small jug; stir in cream.
3.Coat bocconcini in flour; shake off excess. Dip in egg, then coat in breadcrumbs.
4.Heat oil in medium deep saucepan; deep-fry bocconcini, in batches, until browned lightly. Drain on absorbent paper.
5.Divide witlof among serving plates; top with bocconcini then sprinkle with sliced tomato and mizuna. Drizzle over pesto to serve.

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