Panettone tiramisu

We turn this Italian dessert into a festive masterpiece.

We replace sponge with an Italian panettone but keep all the classic tiramisu flavours for a truly sensational Christmas dessert.



1.Using a sharp knife, score a line around panettone at equal intervals into four layers. Holding a serrated knife horizontally, using score marks as a guide, cut panettone into four layers, starting at top.
2.Stir coffee, sugar and marsala in a small jug until sugar dissolves; cool.
3.Beat ¼ cup marsala mixture with mascarpone and custard in a large bowl with an electric mixer until almost firm peaks form.
4.Place base layer of panettone onto a large serving plate; brush with a little remaining marsala mixture. Spread with one-fifth mascarpone mixture; grate enough chocolate over to lightly coat. Repeat to make another three layers, finishing with mascarpone mixture. (For top panettone layer, brush underside with coffee syrup.) Top mascarpone mixture with vienna almonds and figs. Drizzle figs with honey to serve.

To assist with slicing the panettone, place it in the freezer for 1 hour to firm, alternatively refrigerate it overnight.

The panettone tiramisu can be made the night before, if preferred.


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