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Pineapple glazed ham with pomegranate & fennel salad

Pomegranate and fennel salad makes a fresh, fruity side for this tender pineapple-glazed ham. This simple meal makes a great alternative Christmas lunch or festive meal.
pineapple glazed ham with pomegranate & fennel salad



1.Bring juice, sugar and spice to the boil in small saucepan. Reduce heat; simmer, uncovered, about 4 minutes or until glaze is reduced by half.
2.Cut ham into 1cm (½-inch) thick slices. Combine ham and glaze in large shallow dish. Cover; refrigerate 3 hours or overnight.
3.Remove ham from glaze, transfer glaze to small saucepan; bring to the boil. Reduce heat; simmer, uncovered, until thick and syrupy.
4.Cook ham on heated oiled barbecue (or grill or grill pan) until browned both sides.
5.To make salad, combine juice and oil in large bowl; add fennel and rocket, toss gently, season to taste. Remove seeds from pomegranate; top salad with seeds and crumbled cheese.
6.Serve salad with ham; drizzle with glaze.

To remove the seeds from a pomegranate, cut it in half crossways and hold cut-side down over a bowl. Hit the outside skin of the fruit sharply with a wooden spoon­ as hard as you can ­and the seeds should fall out. If they don’t, dig them out with a teaspoon.


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