Tiramisu ice-cream box cake

This indulgent chocolate tiramisu ice-cream cake makes the ultimate dessert when entertaining. It takes a little while to refrigerate and set, so you'll need to start the day before you want to tuck in.
tiramisu cake
1H 25M
1H 30M


Chocolate ganache
Chocolate sides


1.Make chocolate ganache: Bring cream to a boil in small saucepan; pour over chocolate in a medium heatproof bowl. Allow chocolate to melt a little; stir until smooth; refrigerate, stirring occasionally, until thick and spreadable.
2.Line the base and sides of a deep 20cm square cake pan with 2 layers of foil, extending foil 10cm above sides.
3.Combine the water and coffee granules in a small jug. Add liqueur; cool.
4.Dip half the sponge fingers in coffee mixture, place in a single layer over the base of the prepared pan.
5.Spread half the ganache over sponge fingers. Place scoops of slightly softened coffee-flavoured ice cream over the ganache; press firmly into pan with the back of a large spoon or palette knife.
6.Repeat layers with remaining biscuits, coffee mixture, ganache and vanilla ice cream. Cover; freeze overnight or until firm.
7.Make chocolate sides: Draw four 19.5cm x 9cm rectangles onto baking paper; place on board with markings facing downwards.
8.Combine melted chocolates in medium bowl; mix well. Using a palette knife spread chocolate evenly over rectangles. When chocolate is almost set, trim edges with a sharp knife.
9.Remove tiramisu from freezer; wipe over cake pan with a warm cloth. Gently remove tiramisu from cake pan, using extended foil; place on serving plate.
10.Press chocolate sides onto tiramisu, ensuring the corners meet. Tie with decorative ribbon to secure chocolate sides. Decorate top with mlk and dark chocolate Ferrero Rochers and Raffaellos.

This dessert is best made a few days ahead. Chocolate sides can be made a day ahead and stored at room temperature in an airtight container. Assemble and decorate just before serving. Suitable to freeze. Not suitable to microwave.


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