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Nut loaf with tomato sauce

nut loaf with tomato sauce
1H 20M



1.Lightly oil 14cm x 21cm loaf pan, line base with grease proof paper.
2.Heat oil in small frying pan. Cook onion, capsicum and tomato, stirring, over low heat about 4 minutes or until capsicum is tender, cool.
3.Blend or process cashews and almonds until chopped finely. Combine onion mixture, nuts, carrot, rice, cheese and egg in large bowl, mix well.
4.Press mixture evenly into prepared pan, bake, uncovered, in moderate oven about 40 minutes or until browned lightly. Serve with tomato sauce.
5.To make tomato sauce, heat oil in medium saucepan, cook tomato, stirring, over low heat 10 minutes. Blend or process tomato and the water until smooth. Strain over medium saucepan reheat before serving.

You will need to cook about 1/3 cup (50g) brown rice for this recipe.


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