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Glazed meatloaf

glazed meatloaf
1H 15M
1H 30M



1.Preheat oven to 200°C (180°C fan-forced). Grease 12cm x 22cm loaf pan.
2.Remove kernels from corn; combine corn, carrot, zucchini, beetroot, mince, egg and breadcrumbs in large bowl. Press mixture into pan.
3.Cover pan with foil; bake 40 minutes. Remove loaf from oven; drain excess juices from pan.
4.Turn pan upside-down onto foil or baking-paper-lined oven tray; remove pan. Brush loaf with combined sauces; bake, uncovered, brushing occasionally with sauce mixture, about 20 minutes or until loaf is cooked through. Stand 10 minutes before slicing thickly.
5.Cut a slice of the meatloaf into fingers for toddler; serve with extra tomato sauce.
6.Season remaining meatloaf to taste; serve with mustard, horseradish or chutney

Meatloaf is good served hot, warm or cold – serve it as a meal with mash and green vegies or a salad. Cold meatloaf makes a great sandwich filling. Meatloaf doesn’t freeze well.


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