Fairy terrarium cake

Faeries of the glen terrarium! This cake decoration is perfect for a fairy themed birthday party - like a little edible magical world on your table.
Fairy terrarium cake




1.Using picture as a guide, spread cake crumbs over base of aquarium.
2.Tint the coconut green; use disposable gloves to stop the colouring staining your skin. Place the coconut into a bowl and rub drops of green colouring through the coconut until it’s evenly coloured. Sprinkle coconut over cake crumbs.
3.Reserve four white chocolate Melts. Melt remaining white chocolate. Decorate wall of aquarium with some spearmint leaves to make trees. Secure with melted chocolate.
4.Spread frosting over cupcake. Decorate with mini M&M’s.
5.Melt the dark chocolate. Using picture as a guide, pipe chocolate onto baking paper to make a tall and a short tree. Sprinkle tops of trees with crushed lollipops. Allow to set.
6.Trim top off milk bottles. Secure a reserved white chocolate melt on top of each bottle to make toadstools.
7.Gently push trees into cake crumbs. Using picture as a guide, position toadstools, cupcake, remaining lollies, and decorations.

We crumbled 2 x 600g packets chocolate cake to make the cake crumbs. Remove any non-edible decorations before serving.


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