Coconut ruffle cake

Coconut ruffle cake
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1.Trim cakes. Secure largest cake to largest board with a little ganache. Secure remaining cakes to same-sized boards.
2.Push 3 trimmed skewers into centres of all cakes, except the smallest cake, to support the next tier.
3.Assemble cake, securing each tier to the tier below.
4.Place half the ganache in a large bowl whisk in at least 1 tablespoon of white colouring until the ganache is as white as possible.
5.Beat half the ganache with an electric mixer until light and fluffy. Repeat with remaining ganache. Scrape down side of bowl during beating.
6.Once the cake is covered with the ganache, firmly press handfuls of coconut all over the cake. Choose long flakes for the top tier.

40cm (16-inch) round wooden cake board 30cm (12-inch) round wooden cake board 25cm (10-inch) round wooden cake board 20cm (8-inch) round wooden cake board 15cm (6-inch) round wooden cake board 12 wooden cake skewers Medium offset metal spatula We used flaked coconut labelled `coconut chipped’ found in health food stores. Instead of making the ganache you could buy 5 x 453g (16-ounce) tubs of vanilla frosting to cover this cake. The cake can be assembled completely a week before it’s required. It will be fine kept in a cool or air-conditioned room. Use any cake recipe you like, our favourite is the coconut cake. This five tier cake is very heavy to move and lift, so get someone to help you.


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