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Air fryer sausage & vegie bake

Sausages and vegies cooked in the air fryer is the ideal quick and easy dinner solution. Drizzle with a pesto dressing for a fresh and colourful finishing touch.
Cooked sausages and vegetables on a white rectangular platter with pesto dressing.
Photography James Moffatt Styling Olivia Blackmore




Preheat an 11-litre air fryer to 200°C for 3 minutes.


Place vegetables on two of the three air fryer racks; spray with oil. Slide racks into the top two shelves of the air fryer; at 200°C, cook for 15 minutes, turning vegetables and swapping racks halfway through cooking time. Transfer racks to the bottom two shelves of the air fryer.


Place sausages on the remaining rack; spray with oil. Slide the rack into the top shelf of the air fryer; at 200°C, cook for 15 minutes, turning halfway through cooking time, until sausages are cooked through and vegetables are tender.


Meanwhile, combine pesto and oil in a small bowl.


Transfer vegetables and sausages to a platter. Serve drizzled with pesto dressing.

Different types of air fryers

There are many different sizes and shapes of air fryers available, from compact spaceship-looking styles, which sit upright and have a deep pull-out drawer, to air fryers that look like mini ovens. Both are designed to sit on your benchtop. Get to know the different types of air fryers and how to use this game-changing appliance.

Basket air fryers

These compact air fryers range in capacity from 3–4 litres to 6–7 litres and typically retail for under $150. With this style, the base of the handled basket is perforated and slightly elevated from the base of the pan, which collects oil drippings and cooking juices. For larger volumes of food, such as the sausages and vegie bake below, you will need to cook items in batches.

Oven air fryers

These larger air fryers (11 litres) open like an oven with a door. They offer the convenience of a compact oven with the benefits of an air fryer, and for a single person or couple could even work as their only cooking medium. These appliances come with two or three wire racks for shelves, which allow you to cook a variety of foods at the same time. Oven-style air fryers also have additional functions for dehydrating and defrosting. The clear door allows you to see the cooking in progress without having to open it, keeping the temperature stable inside. With these additional benefits, the price tag for these air fryers is higher, ranging from the low hundreds to several hundred dollars.

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