Pork roast ideas for Christmas

Moveover ham! For some, it just wouldn't be Christmas without roast pork with crispy crackling.
Roast pork loin with cranberry sauce

For some families, roast pork with crispy crackling is the highlight of Christmas lunch.

We’ve included some delicious ideas below covering a range of meat cuts, from pork shoulder to loin, belly and even a rack of pork.

And what to do with the leftovers come Boxing Day? Try them in a roll or sandwich, dice the meat for a fried rice or add it to a salad.

How to make a pork roast with crackling

Our top tip for perfect crackling is to leave the pork uncovered on a rack set over a plate in the fridge overnight to allow rind to dry out. On day of cooking, take the pork out of the fridge; set rack over the sink and pour a jug of boiling water over the rind – thoroughly pat dry with paper towel and proceed as instructed in the recipe.

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