30 of our fanciest layered cakes

Layers upon layers of sweet cake treats.

There's nothing more impressive than a cake piled high with soft sponges, creamy fillings and delicious frosting and fruits. Here, we've gathered 24 of our most breathtaking layered cakes that are perfect for showing off to your friends. With everything from rich chocolate desserts to ice-cream cakes, there's a recipe for every taste. We've even included two gluten-free options so no one misses out. Enjoy!
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How to cut even cake layers

  • To level the top of the cake, you'll want to use a finely serrated knife.
  • Hold the knife horizontal and using a gentle sawing action, trim just enough cake to level the top.
  • To split the cake, place toothpicks to mark the half-way point around the middle of the cake.
  • Holding the knife horizontally, cut the cake in half and gently lift the top layer off.
Your cake is now ready to be filled and decorated, and whether you want a rich chocolate ganache or classic jam and cream centre, this trick will allow you to create even cake layers every time.

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