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What’s in season in February

Buying in season food is the best way to enjoy top-quality produce on a budget.
raspberry ricotta cheesecake

Buying in season food in is a surefire way to enjoy the best quality produce without breaking the bank. Here’s what’s in season this month and how to cook it!

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strawberry roulade recipe



February is a great time for buying and cooking with strawberries. Strawberries are a classic dessert favourite for sponge cakes, roulade or meringue cake.

You could also use them to top this croissant pudding or this gluten-free layer cake a truly impressive dessert.

But they’re not just for desserts! They go wonderfully in this marinated duck with peppered strawberries.



You can’t go past a good bunch of grapes – they do make wine after all – and they’re currently in season.

Not just good for making fermented beverages, they also make a great preserve, complement meat dishes like slow-roasted pork belly or bacon-wrapped quail and also taste fabulous in this ricotta and chocolate cheesecake.



February is avocado’s time to shine. It adds a delicious creaminess to this bruschetta, or in a caprese salad or these mixed grain sushi.

The amazingly versatile fruit (yes, it’s a fruit) is not only perfect for avocado and fetta toast it also goes well with this salmon with avocado salsa, and adds a fresh element to this mango ceviche and so much more.



February is a fantastic time for sweetcorn. Whether you like a classic chicken and sweetcorn soup, want to jazz up your dish with a corn salsa, or enjoy these corn fritters with bacon for breakfast or something a little different like this avocado and sweetcorn soup and these steamed clams with corn.

For something completely different, sweetcorn can even be made into a delicious vegan ice-cream.



Zucchinis are at their peak in February and we couldn’t be happier. Not just the main ingredient in a classic zucchini slice or zucchini fritters, they also make a great vegetarian burger or soup.

Zucchini recently increased in popularity as a low-carb pasta substitute in dishes like this crab “spaghetti” or this not-quite-lasagne. The versatile veg has even been baked into a cake for extra sneaky veg. But the fun doesn’t stop there, zucchinis are also known for their delicious flowers which can also be eaten.

Pickled chillies



It’s getting hot in here, because chillies are in season.

Chillies are well known for making great sauces and condiments, whether you prefer chilli jam, preserved chillies or a harissa paste.

They also added heat to curries, or practically any dishes that could use a little fire like this barbecued haloumi, fish and so much more.

Photographer: Stuart Scott; Stylist: Kate Brown



Spinach adds flavour to various cuisines including a French inspired quiche, a classic Greek pie, an Italian mushroom and spinach lasagne, spinach roulade, or cannelloni or

a Turkish pide or gozleme

Pineapple and cardamom tarte tartin



This month is a the perfect time to grab yourself some pineapple. There are so many ways to use this delicious fruit including this pineapple and cardamom tarte tartin, this pineapple coconut cake or these delicate jelly cakes.

Pineapple is not only great in sweet dishes, it also adds a sweet touch to a variety of savoury dishes like these wings, this sticky pork, pork belly and this barbecued ham.

And don’t forget the age-old debate over whether it belongs on pizza (it so does!). So many options to have you cooking with pineapple.


Green beans

February is a fantastic time to indulge your love of green beans. This humble veg is a go-to for side dishes including Maggie Beer’s green beans with walnuts or green beans with vegetables.

However, beans can complement a variety of dishes, including this slow-cooked lamb or pasta salad. Enjoy!



Capsicum is in season in February and are a great way to add flavour and colour to many meals and salads.

Capsicums are often a favourite when roasted due to the sweetness it brings out. Roasted capsicum tastes great in tarts, as a sauce or with a bunch of other roasted vegies.

Capsicum works in a variety of cuisines including Mexican foods such as chilli con carne, stir-fries or stews.



Raspberries are in season in February making it the perfect time to indulge in these delicious muffins, macarons or cheesecake.

But they also make delicious sorbet and lamingtons or a deliciously tart pavlova topping.

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