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10 sweet and savoury dishes featuring sweet seasonal mangoes

Give salads, desserts and sides a sweet flavour boost with in-season mangoes.

Warmer weather is starting to appear across Australia, and with it comes the promise of fresh and tropical fruits. None more beloved than the mango. Calypso® Mangoes have hit the shelves and are ready to be enjoyed. You’ll know them by their unique pink blush on the skin and silky flesh with a smaller seed.

You can enjoy them just as readily on their own, adding sweetness to a summer salad or as the base of a delicious dessert.

Here are 10 of our favourite ways to enjoy Calypso® mangoes including sweet and savoury options.


Calypso® and Caramilk cheesecake

Mango and Caramilk cheesecake

With a spiced gingerbread biscuit base and whipped cream topping this creamy cheesecake dessert combines sweet Caramilk chocolate and Calypso® mango for a heavenly treat. Whip this one up for your next dinner party and you’ll be guaranteed to impress.

prawn and mango salad


Chicken, prawn and mango salad

Chicken, prawn and mango salad

This fresh tropical salad just screams summer in a bowl. A zesty Thai-inspired lime and chilli dressing goes beautifully with chicken, prawns and mango to add extra punch to the flavour-packed meal. Great for an easy dinner or to liven up your entertaining menu.


Calypso® Mango Spritzer

Mango Spritzer

If there’s one drink you must try out this summer, then it’s this mango spritzer. Use fresh Calypso® mango to create a gorgeous syrup to combine with prosecco and soda, like sunshine in a glass. Sipping on one of these by the pool this summer sounds like heaven.


Calypso® Mango, coconut and lime panna cotta

Mango, coconut and lime panna cotta

Let’s get tropical! The combination of Calypso® mango and coconut in this dessert creates a truly tropical feel to the classic italian treat. Top with mini meringues and fresh slices of mango for the ultimate summer sweet!


Calypso® Mango Crispy Noodle Salad

Mango Crispy Noodle Salad

Give the traditional crunchy noodle salad a sweet twist by adding Calypso® mango. It’s got all the best parts of the original, especially that delightful crunch, while the inclusion of mango really boosts its summer potential.

Chicken and mango rice paper rolls


Chicken and mango rice paper rolls

Chicken and mango rice paper rolls

Rice paper rolls are the ideal light summer meal or snack food with tasty fillings and a fresh lime and chilli dressing. mango and chicken filling turns them into something a little special for serving as finger food at your next party.


Sticky Calypso® mango buffalo wings

Sticky mango buffalo wings

Calypso® mango and chicken are a perfect pair. The sweetness of this summer fruit gives an extra layer of flavour to the spicy starter. Served with a simple mango and parmesan salad they’re great for a tasty snack or light meal.

vanilla tofu ice-cream with mango and berry coulis


Vanilla tofu ice-cream with mango and berry coulis

Vanilla tofu ice-cream with mango and berry coulis

Tofu in ice-cream? We know it sounds a little nutty but that’s exactly the flavour profile that tofu adds to this creamy frozen dessert. Served with a sweet mango and berry coulis it’s a dessert you won’t readily forget.


Pavlova Ice Creams

Pavlova Ice Creams

Calypso® mangoes, strawberries, coconut cream and passionfruit come together to create a creamy and delicious ice cream dessert. White chocolate and crushed meringue turn these sweet pops into something extra special. Serve at the end of your favourite summer meal as the ideal finisher.


Spicy mango chutney

Spicy mango chutney

If you’ve bought yourself a whole tray of mangoes and need to use them up, give this fragrant chutney a try. Chilli and ginger give it just the right hint of spice to ensure this is the ideal condiment to add a sweet touch to your favourite Indian curry.

Brought to you by Calypso® Mangoes.

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