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How to segment an orange

Ever wondered how chefs manage to turn out perfect-looking orange segment desserts? It all comes down to the technique they use to cut up their citrus fruits.
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Beautifully, perfectly peeled and segmented oranges aren’t just the work of the professionals; bring your cake and salad decorating skills to the next level with our easy-to-follow guide for segmenting citrus fruit.

Step 1: Trim the top and base of the fruit slightly and then, with the orange upright, cut the rind away with as much of the white pith as possible. As you cut, follow the curve of the orange.

Step 2: Hold the fruit over a bowl and, with a knife, cut down each side of the segment, keeping close the the white membrane. Each segment and any juice will be caught in the bowl.

Step 3: Squeeze the membrane, if you like, into the bowl to catch any remaining juices.

This technique can be used on any citrus fruit to remove the membrane, and will leave you with the prettiest, natural decoration. This honey and cardamom panna cotta recipe will make the most of your new skill, or try this orange, fennel and almond salad.

Zesty and delicious!

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