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How to melt chocolate in microwave

A quick and easy method for melting different types of chocolate.
melted chocolate

Swirls of melted chocolate

Dark, milk or white chocolate are all suitable to melt in a microwave.

If using melts, leave these whole. If using a block of chocolate, break or chop into uniform pieces.

Melting chocolate in microwave – equipment needed

Use a microwave-safe bowl – ceramic and glass both work well. Choose a bowl that is large enough to fit all the chocolate comfortably, you don’t want the bowl to feel overcrowded. The bowl needs to be completely dry and clean, as any water or oil in the bowl can cause the chocolate to split and become grainy and unworkable. The bowl will heat up in the microwave, so use a tea towel to protect your hands when removing it.

How to melt chocolate

Place the chocolate in the microwave-safe bowl. Microwave the chocolate for 30 seconds on medium power. At this point, the chocolate will have only just started to melt. Stir well to distribute the heat, this will enable the chocolate to melt evenly. Continue to microwave in 20 second bursts, stirring well after each cooking interval.

When the chocolate is almost, but not completely melted, remove the bowl from the microwave and stir the chocolate until all lumps are gone and it is completely melted and smooth.

Test Kitchen tip

If you continue to cook the chocolate in the microwave until it is completely melted, this may lead to it burning. It is best to remove the bowl from the microwave before this point as the residual heat in the bowl will melt any remaining pieces of chocolate. Stand the chocolate for 2 minutes to cool slightly before using.

Other ways to melt chocolate

Ways to use melted chocolate

Melted chocolate is perfect for decorating biscuits, fruit or marshmallows by either dipping them in a bowl of melted chocolate or drizzling with the melted chocolate. Melted chocolate is also used in many baked goods including cakes, tarts, biscuits, cheesecakes, souffles and more!

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